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Our goal is to implement a Pay-Per-Click campaign that will drive traffic to your website and fit your budget.

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Here's how the
Metrix Ad Model ​works.

Keyword Research

We start by getting to know you and your business. We then design a custom tailored keyword set to target your desired clientele.

Location Targeting

We work directly with you to define a specific location data set. We make sure every dollar of ad spend is focused on the right people

Landing Pages

Custom built pages for your ad campaigns are critical. Landing Pages keep focus on the product or service you are advertising.

Data Reporting

We optimize your ads based on key data points. We refine your campaigns until they are generating a maximum ROI.

The Metrix Digital Mission​

Our goal is to implement a Pay-Per-Click campaign
that will drive traffic to your website and fit your budget.
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Rank specific keywords

Understanding the client’s business is important to the Metrix team. We will get to know exactly what your business is all about to target those specific search engine key words.

Key Word Research
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Campaign Performance

It is important to work closely with the client while running ad campaigns. We want to know what calls and leads are coming into your office to better optimize the ad keyword data set. We use Google Adwords and Google Keyword Planner to ensure we are targeting the proper search terms.

The Metrix Promise

Rinse and repeat

We promise to refine and adjust your advertisement campaigns to maximize return on investment. As the monthly Google ads management reports are analyzed, locations, new keywords, or negative keywords can be adjusted to optimize your click-through-rate.

Metrix Digital Data Driven Decisions

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Paid advertising is based on a monthly ad budget. This budget is completely up to you and budgets come in all shapes and sizes. The ad budget can be adjusted higher or lower each month to fit your business plan. 

A key word is a phrase or even a single word someone types into the search engine. Ads will run or be excluded from the search engine result page (also known as SERP) based on the keyword and negative keyword data settings of your ad campaign.

We like linking ads to well crafted landing pages because it makes your product or service the center of attention. Advertisements are designed to target a specific audience, and we believe the landing page should also target a specific service you are providing. Check out our blog on landing pages for a deep dive on why landing pages increase ad conversions and boost ROI.

Impressions – An impression is logged when your ad is triggered by a search, but the ad is not clicked on.
Clicks – A click is logged whenever a searcher clicks on your advertisement.
Click through rate – is a metric that is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by total impressions for a given period of time
Conversion – A conversion is logged when a user clicks on your ad and then completes a specific action like filling in a “contact us” form or calling your office!

To attract and convert new clients, your business must be seen. The online market place is a crowded space and paid advertisements will showcase your business at the top of the Google search page. The other great option to attract new clientele is search engine optimization. Check out our SEO page to learn more about attracting clients organically. 

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