Search Engine Optimization is the Art and Science of Digital Discovery.

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Competitor analysis, on page SEO, site speed testing, and keyword research are the starting point for a successful SEO campaign.


Your website address linked on another website is called a backlink. SEO Backlinks are important to SEO marketing because they build trust and credibility with search engines.

Local SEO

A local SEO plan will help your site rank in your home town market. This type of SEO focuses on your service area and will help drive traffic to your site.

On Page Optimization

Your website structure, SEO title tags, and internal links show search engines what your business is about. E-commerce product descriptions and blog posts will help you rank.

The Metrix Digital Mission​

Our goal is to implement an SEO marketing plan that
will drive traffic to your website and fit your budget.

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Rank specific keywords

Understanding a client’s business is important to the Metrix team. This is the first step to creating a customized keyword data set that represents you. A Keyword search project comes standard in all SEO packages.We look at keywords on a local and national level to make sure we are using the words and terms people are searching for.

Key Word Research
Content Writing

SEO is What we love

Quality blog content

Connecting with your customer base with a clear and refined message is key to SEO success. Blog posts should cover topics, industry news, and services your business provides. We curate quality SEO articles that clients and search engines can easily understand. 

The Metrix Promise

Our team will crunch the numbers

We promise to review your SEO campaign every month, always looking for improvements. Search engine technology is constantly changing, and we guarantee that your site will adapt to the ever-changing technology.

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SEO ranking is like your site’s credit score. It is not built overnight. After a couple of months, you will see your site moving up the ranks on major search engines. Our SEO experts will continue to fine tune the strategy to keep climbing up the ranks!

Blog posts are included in our SEO packages. We hire the best content writers who know how to write effectively and eloquently. Content writers also know how to write with keywords in mind and speak directly to the search engine.

On page optimization really starts with quality content. We believe writing quality content that is easy to read and understand is key to a great SEO score.

SEO is a worthwhile investment and is best described as a marathon, not a sprint. Your competitors are always trying to out rank you and SEO works best if you continue to optimize your site on a monthly basis. If you want to supercharge your business today, check out our pay-per-click advertising services!

SERP is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Results Page. When you type in a search term or keyword into Google, the search results are displayed in the SERP. We track how well our SEO strategies are working by monitoring where your website is positioned in the SERP.

Yes! E-commerce sites benefit from technical SEO optimization just like a service based website. Our team will focus on site structure and keyword targeting product descriptions to help rank your e-commerce site.

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